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Feature: Find adopts Safari-style behaviors and in-frame interface

Reported by M | January 2nd, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

A feature request, not a bug. (Some elements are probably very subjective, at that.) Apologies for the length; I was taught that requests/bug reports should be hellishly specific.

In a nutshell: please make Find act just like it does in Safari or in Panic's Coda--see this Coda screenshot.

What I did:

Summoned Find function, either by Command-F or from the Edit menu. Entered a term, pressed Enter to find first instance with Next button, pressed Enter again to go to the next instance.

What I expected to happen:

  • When the Find function is first invoked, the top (or bottom) toolbar extrudes an extra area downward (or upward) with the Find interface elements: text entry field, next/previous buttons, etc. Basically, this is what Safari and Coda (or Firefox) do.
  • Search string is highlighted where found but keyboard focus does not actually change to the editor, so that pressing Enter again proceeds to the next instance (if any) without changing the text.
  • Clicking the Next button to begin/continue a search has the same behavior as pressing the Enter key while the Next button is highlighted, as it is by default.
  • The Find interface is not dismissed or de-focused until the user indicates such: Escape/Tab/etc. keypress or mouse click in the Editor window.

What actually happened:

  • The Find interface is a new dialog window separate from the editor. This takes up more space, creates a possible obstruction, and is slightly jarring in a nice tab-oriented interface such as Kod.
  • Once an instance of the search phrase is found by pressing Enter, Kod kills the Find dialog and moves focus back to the editor window, where the instance is highlighted. If Enter is pressed again, the instance will be edited into oblivion. Although this behavior may be faster for manual find-and-replace work, I think most users would use the Find & Replace function for this.
  • Clicking the Next button has a different behavior than pressing Enter in that it does not dismiss the Find window, nor does it defocus it. This requires that the user move a hand from keyboard to mouse, which the user may be too lazy--err, productive--to do.
  • The Find dialog disappears once the first instance of the search phrase is found. (By pressing Enter, not clicking Next--see above.)

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